Department of International and European Economic Studies
Athens University of Economics and Business


The most recent publications of PARU's team are presented below:

Matsaganis M., Kanavitsa E. & Karakitsios A. (2015)
The Greek reference budget for food
European Commission Report ISBN: 978-92-79-50281-1

Matsaganis M. & Leventi C. (2015)
Ex ante poverty and fiscal evaluation of a guaranteed minimum income programme in Greece
World Bank Working Paper No 97840

Matsaganis M. & Leventi C. (2014)
The Distributional Impact of Austerity and the Recession in Southern Europe
South European Society and Politics 19 (3) 393-412

Matsaganis M. & Leventi C. (2014)
Poverty and Inequality during the Great Recession in Greece
Political Studies Review 12 (2) 209-223

Koutsogeorgopoulou V., Matsaganis M., Leventi C. & Schneider J-D (2014)
Fairly Sharing the Social Impact of the Crisis in Greece
OECD Economics Department Working Papers No 1106

Levy H., Matsaganis M. & Sutherland H. (2014)
Simulating the costs and benefits of a Europe-wide Basic Income scheme for Children
UNICEF Child Poverty Insights

Matsaganis M. (2013)
The Greek Crisis: Social Impact and Policy Responses
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

Levy H., Matsaganis M. & Sutherland H. (2013)
Towards a European Union Child Basic Income? Within and between country effects
International Journal of Microsimulation 6 (1) 63-85

Matsaganis M. & Leventi C. (2013)
The distributional impact of the Greek crisis in 2010
Fiscal Studies 31 (1) 83-108

Figari F., Matsaganis M. & Sutherland H. (2013)
Are European social safety nets tight enough? Coverage and adequacy of minimum income schemes in 14 EU countries
International Journal of Social Welfare 22 3-14

Saez E., Matsaganis M. & Tsakloglou P. (2012)
Earnings determination and taxes: evidence from a cohort based payroll tax reform in Greece
Quarterly Journal of Economics 127 (1) 493-533

Matsaganis M. (2012)
Social policy in hard times: the case of Greece
Critical Social Policy 32 (3) 406-421

Matsaganis M., Leventi C. & Flevotomou M. (2012)
The crisis and tax evasion in Greece: what are the distributional implications?
CESifo Forum 13 (2) 26-32

Matsaganis M. (2012)
Benefits in kind and in cash
In: International handbook of the welfare state (edited by B. Greve)

Matsaganis M. (2012)
Prerequisites to the revival of public health care in Greece
In: From stagnation to forced adjustment: reforms in Greece 1974-2010 (edited by S. Kalyvas, G. Pagoulatos, H. Tsoukas)
Columbia University Press

Matsaganis M. (2011)
The welfare state and the crisis: the case of Greece
Journal of European Social Policy 21 (5) 501-513

Matsaganis M. & Leventi C. (2011)
Pathways to a universal basic pension in Greece
Basic Income Studies 6 (1) 1-20

Matsaganis M., Levy H. & Flevotomou M. (2010)
Non take up of social benefits in Greece and Spain
Social Policy and Administration 44 (7) 827–844