Department of International and European Economic Studies
Athens University of Economics and Business

Research Projects

The EU Social Situation Monitor (2013-2016)

The research concerns the monitoring of the social situation in the European Union. It aims to provide analytical and methodological support to the European Commission about the changes in living standards and life opportunities in Europe, and to assess how these are affected by policies that are being implemented. It is funded by the European Commission (DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion).

The research areas of the EU Social Situation Monitor include the distribution of income and wealth, social mobility, poverty and inequality, social policy, fiscal policy, consumption, access to healthcare and social care, time use, social mobility, and social inclusion and participation.

The research is coordinated by the research company Applica (Brussels - Belgium), with the participation of the Institute for Social & Economic Research, University of Essex (Colchester - England), the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Vienna - Austria), and the Tárki Social Research Institute (Budapest - Hungary).

The most recent publications of PARU's team are presented below:

Márton Medgyesi & Niki Kalaverzou (2014)
Inequality in the use of childcare - Research note 8/2014

Zoltán Fábián, Manos Matsaganis, Michail Veliziotis & István G. Tóth (2014)
The legacy of the recession: values and societal issues - Research note 7/2014

Olga Rastrigina, Chrysa Leventi & Holly Sutherland (2014)
Nowcasting: estimating developments in the risk of poverty and income distribution in 2013 and 2014 - Research note 1/2014

Manos Matsaganis, Erhan Ozdemir & Terry Ward (2013)
The coverage rate of social benefits - Research note 9/2013

Ricardo Rodrigues, Katharine Schulmann, Andrea Schmidt, Niki Kalavrezou & Manos Matsaganis (2013)
The indirect costs of long-term care - Research note 8/2013

Ricardo Rodrigues, Eszter Zólyomi, Niki Kalavrezou & Manos Matsaganis (2013)
The impact of the financial crisis on unmet needs for healthcare - Research note 7/2013

C. Leventi, J. Navicke, O. Rastrigina, H. Sutherland, E. Ozdemir & T. Ward (2013)
Nowcasting: estimating developments in the risk of poverty and income distribution in 2012 and 2013 - Research note 1/2013